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A Perspective On Retail Closings,
or Is The Customer Always Wrong?

dave allen
Dave Allen

May 2017

Recently we came across a listing of retail chain store closings... the number were astounding even to a curmudgeon like myself. The list included Wal-Mart, Sears, JCPenney, CVS, Kmart and on and on. Of course the Ogre, the cause of this was easily identified as “THE INTERNET.”

That is probably correct, except we see a trend that is certainly working to speed up the transition from the shopping center or downtown hopping trip.

A key factor has to be the evolution from the customer is always right, to the customer is always wrong. The recent United Airlines and American Airline fiascos are the easy targets of this axiom. But there are more examples every day, and they are much more insidious than those big headline grabbers.

Just in the past few days we went shopping at the hardware store we often visit. We checked out with a friendly clerk, started to pay and then asked if she had given me my senior discount. “No,” she replied, “you are supposed to tell me first and I am not supposed to do this now” (she did so anyway).

Possibly there is a legal requirement that she is not allowed to ask if I am “old.” Or by setting up this “Tell me first” policy, the store is able to advertise the discount but avoid giving it. In any event I was “Wrong.”

Bouncing around in Long Island traffic is not the most relaxing interlude between customer and vendor visits. So, I stopped at a popular fast food chain and ordered an outrageous, calorie laden lunch last week. This was one of those places that have 2, 3 or 4 “windows” that may or may not be open depending on the time of day. I passed the first one as no one was there and the window was closed. Upon stopping at the next window a frantic person came running up (from the inside) berating me for not paying at the previous window. I suggested no one was there to which he replied, “you should have waited.” Wrong again.

I realize that neither of these places is in danger of my going to the internet for a few screws or sandwiches. However our last encounter proved that the internet is more customer friendly.

A major department store ad listed men’s shoes that I like at a very attractive price. The ad carefully pointed out that this price was available in stores or on the web. Nice.

We thought going to the store would insure getting the correct size and receiving the prized package instantly. Wrong again. After searching for the shoes and a salesperson, we asked to confirm the price listed in the ad. The salesperson was exceedingly honest... she had no idea of the price or the ad. All she could do in check them out on the register and see what came up. She did and the price was a good 20% higher than the ad. After shrugging off the discrepancy I heard “maybe it was a one day sale, I have no way of knowing.” But I could not be right about the price. Wrong again.

You guessed it... we went home, pulled up the website and ordered the shoes, at the sale price with free delivery.

Yes, I have heard the excuse that retail people are abused by customers and/or ill trained for their jobs, and that is why customers are so ill treated. Somewhere we need to get over the chicken and egg arguments and find a way back to customer service and polite customers, or the internet will become king and just as customer friendly as the Friendly Skies


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Beautiful Port Washington…

dave allen
Dave Allen

As we write this the election is still a week or so away. Obviously, we do not know who the winner, or loser, is we know there will still be a great divide among those who voted, and those who didn’t.

Even so we are going to stick our neck out and outline a couple of thoughts we trust all of us can agree upon.

Let’s start with what seems like an easy proposition: no elected body should be able to pass any legislation that exempts the members of that body for the legislations impact. If lunches are not tax deductable or chargeable to the recipient, then Congress and all the members should be subject to the same rules. If the Affordable Care Act is applicable to the citizens then it should be applicable to all members of Congress.

Simple, huh?

Of course this means that the NY/NJ Port authority personnel and board should have to pay tolls like the rest of us. Maybe it would also mean that the plethora of Courtesy Cards issued by the various police agencies, benevolent associations, etc. should declared illegal. And off duty police, fire and public officials would have to obey the same traffic laws as the rest of us. (Maybe the new $105 surcharge on tickets in Nassau would thus not be needed)

You can fill in a number of additional examples at your leisure.

My second proposal is equally simple. No legislation local, state or federal should be allowed to contain any amendment or clause that is not directly related to the primary subject of the legislation… no more hiding a special swimming pool in a groundwater protection act.

Thirdly, any member of a legislative office found guilty of a State of Federal offense should lose their position in that body and lose their pension or benefits.

That’s it… when I think of it; these three items may be a bird’s eye view of what this election was all about anyway.

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Important News
For New & Remodeled Businesses
Let us know your plans… When you expect to open or accomplish your remodeling. We will give you coverage in the Port Washington Calendar.

dave allen
Dave Allen

Another opening, another business, another look.

With all of the good things and good looks of Port, we are regularly reminded of the number of empty or underutilized commercial properties throughout our community.

While we would agree that there are few items that look worse than an empty storefront, we would have to say the opposite is also true… a new venture, a cleaned up or refurbished location is a great indication of a strong community… Beautiful!

We have been encouraged lately with a number of initiatives to assist and encourage merchants and property owners to improve the ambiance of their locations.

Yet, the most encouraging event is the implementation of a new look or a new opening. Recently, we have seen a number of these happenings.

Examples are The Music Store, Port Beer and Soda and Bareburger which opened recently, plus the BlueBird Café and the Craft Beer Cellar which are scheduled to open shortly. This is good news for locals who spend their money in the community. For visitors it adds to the attraction of Port, and for the rest of the merchant community it helps give a vibrant, growing and prosperous look to Port.

So, beginning with the August issue, the Port Washington Calendar will make every effort to identify and print information on upcoming openings and improvements… and other recent openings. We all have a stake in their success.

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